You’re In! Watch your Free Masterclass: How to get better life balance, improve your health, and add more joy to your life today!

In just one hour of this Masterclass, you’ll learn:

  1. a breathing technique that’s proven to reduce stress and anxiety, that’s virtually unnoticeable
  2. the foundational stuff they don’t teach us about wellness in school (but should)
  3. the easiest way to keep the focus on what is most important in life: YOU
  4. the 4S’s that Sheila lives by
  5. two secrets that are ruining your relationships at work and home
  6. the deceptively simple steps to wellness and staying healthy
  7. how to start setting intentions effortlessly
  8. the easiest way to create SMART goals that you can actually start achieving today

Sheila helps attorneys, creatives, and other service-based professionals and entrepreneurs and professionals through coaching, legal services, and continuing education. She’s a Louisiana Licensed Attorney and Licensed Master Social Worker, an Educator & Empowerment Coach, and a Certified Ethics Trainer. Living on two continents for over 14 years, Sheila has built her life with the sole aim of living her most authentic, joyful life each and every day!

See you inside!


P.S. After you watch the Masterclass, you’ll see this link to additional bonuses for attending. I want you to walk away with something tangible!

P.P.S. This Masterclass was recorded live on June 17, 2021

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