Thanks for coming to Mental Health Monday!


Thanks for coming to Irwin Fritchie’s Mental Health Monday!

Sending huge kudos and thanks to Darleene Peters for the invite, as well as Ferdinand and the IT Team for helping me share with you.

I hope the session was helpful for you and you were able to take something away from our time together.

Was it how to implement more self-care? Was it the techniques for opening the lines of communication at home and at work? Was it the realization you’re a person first, title second?

Or was it something else?

Whatever it is, I would LOVE to know what resonated for you. Tell me in the comments below!

Additional Resources

Darleene and I created a FREE 30-Day Lawyer Wellness Challenge for Physical Health that you can start anytime.

You can start listening to my podcast, “What Would Sheila Say?” right now – and here’s one of the episodes I mentioned about expectations:

I’d also like to invite you to schedule a FREE Coaching Consult to talk about whatever it is you’re struggling with, so you can get start to get past it. Yes, it’s completely free. And no, I won’t pitch you to buy my services. I literally just want to help you.

Darleene and I also curated this resources list for you:

And finally, before you go, if you want to go deeper in finding and developing better boundaries and work/life balance and integration, I highly recommend my Boundaries + Balance Workshop. It’s on-demand, available anytime, and includes a bonus video walking you through the Matrix!

I am here for you. Darleene is here for you. Let us help you be the best version of yourself, okay?

– Sheila

P.S. If you like what we did together, I would be honored if you’d follow me on social media (I mostly hang out in Instagram, but you can also find me on Facebook @lawyercoachsheila). Let’s continue the conversation: @sheilamwilkinson 💕 You can also learn more about me here.

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