I help licensed and certified professionals reconnect who they are with what they do.

Hi! I’m Sheila, your guide to a Joyful and Thriving™ life! I have lots of titles: attorney, social worker, coach, speaker, educator. While I’m proud of those titles, work is not who I am. I am a human first and a title second – and so are you.

I work so I can live the life I love – one that’s full of freedom, fulfillment, joy, and REST. This allows me to help professionals like you create a life of liberation – a life you love!

I believe Clarity leads to Confidence, which then leads to Courage.

I call this the Roadmap to Courage™

It’s an awesome and never-ending cycle – on purpose!

“Sheila goes above and beyond. I can’t thank her enough for providing me with the clarity and confidence that allowed me to take my career to the next level. Her breadth of knowledge, compassion, and intuitive compass led me to a range of options and ideas that I hadn’t realized were possible, from a personal and professional standpoint. She is a coach, a strategist, and a mentor – your advocate through and through at all times.”

— Kindra M.

Working with me is simple.

I’m getting so much out of my work with Sheila. I really appreciate that everything is organized, easy to keep up with, and clearly laid out. All of the interfaces are easy to use and Sheila makes even Zoom calls feel personalized. Sheila is a gifted coach and mentor who is skilled at listening and guiding, as well as at spotting those times when digging deeper would be beneficial. She has helped me identify what I want/need to work on and has helped me formulate a plan that feels just right, never overwhelming. I’m so grateful for Sheila for helping me finally dream my own dream.


Lets uncover the secret to your next steps together: You

Sheila is an amazing attorney, business coach, and human being, who is helping me make a significant transition in my life. I am particularly impressed by her follow up to our meetings where she has recapped points of our discussion and suggested follow up steps. This has enabled me to turn our conversations into concrete plans of action that I can execute.

— S.K.

My job is to help you get clarity about how you got where you are right now.

After we figure that out, I can help you make decisions about what’s next.

I want your daydreams to become a reality without blowing up your life.

Chances are (and my experience has shown) you’re probably a whole lot closer than you think!

So, how can I help you?

Generally speaking, most of the work we could do together falls under three categories: (1) Making Decisions, (2) Resetting Expectations & Setting Boundaries, and (3) Streamlining & Focusing. This could be in your career, or it could be as a business owner. It’s your decision.

Depending on your line of work and your dreams, I will help you choose the right level of support that you need. I will never push you into making a decision – ever.

You’ll know you’re ready for the first step – a chat with me – when you’re willing to understand and dig deeper about the issues that are creating confusion or keeping you stuck or burned out. Sometimes, we have enough, and still want more. And that’s okay, too. 💖

It’s time for a baby step! Let’s go! 👇🏽