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Sheila M. Wilkinson, LMSW, ESQ.

Sheila helps lawyers, creatives and other service-based professionals figure out what they want, why they want it and how to get it! Sheila uses humor, transparency and empathy to create genuine connections, and you’ll likely hear her laugh before you see her trademark curls.

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Sheila M. Wilkinson // Bio

Sheila M. Wilkinson is a Louisiana Licensed Attorney, a Louisiana Licensed Master Social Worker, an Educator, an Empowerment Coach and the host of the “What Would Sheila Say?” Podcast. Sheila combines her love for the law, social work, and education to help lawyers, creatives, and other service-based professionals and business owners transform pain, frustration, and unreasonable expectations at work into happiness, success, and healthy boundaries, so that they can achieve their personal and professional goals.

Sheila splits her time between New Orleans and Brussels, serves several nonprofits in the Greater New Orleans area, and provides services across the globe. Whenever Sheila’s clients need to make a decision and they’re stuck, all they have to do is ask themselves: “What would Sheila say?” … and like magic, they have their answer! ✨

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Suggested Interview / Introductory Questions

  • You wear a lot of hats – Licensed Attorney, Licensed Master Social Worker, Educator, Coach. I’d love to know more about your personal story. How did you get to where you are right now?
    • Sheila will share her personal story and journey – growing up in an HIV-household, losing her parents as a teenager, raising her sister while working fulltime and going to school fulltime, building several multi-million dollar companies with and for others, how being diagnosed later in life with an auditory processing disorder helped her seal the transition into her transatlantic life of living on two continents, and how running a fully virtual business is the best decision she ever made for herself.
  • What advice would you have for someone who’s not sure of their path in life?
    • Leaning on her signature method, Sheila will outline the most important steps to take to start to evaluate what a person truly wants in their life and why.
  • What does your routine look like each day? What advice do you have about routines?
    • Sheila will discuss what her routine looked like through each phase of her career and highlight the elements that she leans on day after day to keep a stress-free life.
  • Let’s talk a bit about making goals. You say you’re a “SMART Goal lover” (is that like a part-time lover? 🥰). Tell us about what a SMART Goal is and why you love it so much. And how is this different than any other goal? Or an intention?
    • Sheila will outline the elements of a SMART Goal, and how they differ from regular goals, intentions, aspirations, and wants. She’ll discuss the archaic ways we make decisions or set goals, and why these are holding us back from reaching our goals (and embracing our dreams).

Traditional Bio

SHEILA M. WILKINSON combines her love for the law, social work, and education to help lawyers, creatives and other service-based entrepreneurs build happy, rich lives. She is a Louisiana Licensed Attorney, Louisiana Licensed Master Social Worker, an Educator, Empowerment Coach, and the host of the “What Would Sheila Say?” Podcast. Sheila earned her Bachelor’s in Sociology from the University of New Orleans, her Master’s in Social Work from Tulane University, her Juris Doctorate from Loyola University, and her Advanced LL.M. in International and European Business Law from the Institute of European Studies in Brussels, Belgium. Since 2007, Sheila has lived between Europe and the United States, and she was a Belgian Resident from 2013 to 2016. Currently splitting her time between New Orleans and Brussels, Sheila teaches at Loyola University New Orleans and at United Business Institutes – Brussels, and is heavily involved in community development. As a Founder of SMWPLC, a hybrid Louisiana law firm, Sheila provides continuing education opportunities to lawyers and social workers, serves on several nonprofit boards, and provides legal, consulting, and coaching services across the globe.

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