Working Together

Generally speaking, most of the work we could do together falls under three categories: (1) Making Decisions, (2) Resetting Expectations & Setting Boundaries, and (3) Streamlining & Focusing. This could be in your career, or it could be as a business owner. And, maybe it’s me coming into your organization and working with your team or leadership.

Depending on your line of work and your big ideas, I’m happy to help you decide the right level of support you need, even if it’s not with me. 💖 I offer one-on-one, group, and legal services, as well as self-study opportunities. These are outlined below – skip down to what interests you most!

You’ll know you’re ready for the next step when you’re open to digging deeper about the issues that are creating confusion or keeping you stuck or burned out in your work. And maybe that’s not the issue, either … sometimes, we have enough and still want more. That’s okay, too. 🥰

The easiest way to describe the work I do is as an Empowerment Coach, but some have called me their Business Mom, and most recently, a Decisions Coach. Whatever you call me, just know that I can help you break down the barriers preventing you from living the happy, healthy life you want and deserve, and I want to help you transform your pain, frustration, and unreasonable expectations into happiness, success, and healthy boundaries!

Learn more about me and my philosophy, or, keep reading and schedule some time together!

Coach, Guide & Mentor for Lawyers

Lawyers work hard. We deserve real vacations and a healthy work/life balance. The legal system is built to suck us in and spit us out, but take it from me — someone who’s done it — you truly can create a life of joy and fulfillment as an attorney, and you don’t have to sacrifice to make it happen. I’ll show you how. It’s not that far into your future. Really!

Business Owners

I work with womxn business owners who want to take their business to the next level, but are already burnt out from trying to do it all and live up to everyone’s expectations. First, we slow down, we survey, we reflect, we ask questions that are hard, but necessary. Then we make new decisions. It’s a beautiful process and you’re a lot closer than you think.

Service-Based Professionals

I help service-based professionals make a plan to make their daydreams a reality without blowing up their life. That can look like helping you discover your next j.o.b. and ensuring you have a code, a set of values that you live by and expect others in your space to live by, all while being honest about what you always dreamed your life could look like. It’s there!

How We Can Work & Learn Together

1:1 Long-Term
(Close, More Intensive Work)

🌟 12-Week Focus: Career

Currently in a j.o.b. and burned out, bored, or broken, or thinking about moving on and don’t know where to start? Together, we will help you get clarity about how you got where you are, what you really want out of life and work, and to be sure that you’re surrounding yourself with the right people, the right projects, and the right pay.

🌟 12-Week Focus: Business

If you’re a brand new startup, then 7 VIP Days can get your business up and running in the next 6 months – from pricing and services, to intake forms and the basic systems you need to sleep better at night.

BONUS POINTS: If you’re in Louisiana, I can also handle the legal stuff, too! Click here.

If you already have an existing legal entity, then 12 Weekly Sessions (or a VIP Day!) can help you focus ON your business – and to streamline and focus your people, projects and pay.

👉🏽 After working together in a 12-Week capacity, most clients shift to quarterly or monthly support. As you wish!

1:1 Short-Term
(Close, Less Intensive Work)

💥 2-Hour Focus: Career or Business

A Roadmap to Freedom™ Strategy Session might be just what you need, especially if you don’t know what you need! You’d be surprised at how two focused hours can help you get a ton of clarity. Brainstorming and bouncing ideas is often what we need to tune into ourselves, and I can help you feel into your next steps, whatever they may be.

💥 5-Hour Focus: Career or Business

A “Get Sh!t Done” VIP Day is one of my favorite ways to tap into your energy and create momentum around something that might have been feeling elusive. Clients tend to use their VIP Days to outline and build out entire programs, services and offerings, new pricing and communications to current clients about raising rates, networking and marketing plans, LinkedIn profiles, and more!

Louisiana Legal Services
(Close, Strategic & Foundational Business Work)

📝 Louisiana Legal & Business Consulting

For businesses and business owners in Louisiana, let’s work together to get everything you need in place and to be PROACTIVE about the systems and processes you need to avoid disputes and create a Joyful and Thriving™ life! (And if you’re already in a dispute and need help getting out of it, let me know. I might be able to help.)

📝 Louisiana Businesses: Clear Client Contracts Package

Nothing shows you’re a badass and worth every penny better than sending a potential client your plain language, clear as day, comprehensive proposal and contract package. Outline all your expectations from A-Z in a mutual, respectful, and professional way. (Or, if you can wait, join the Contracts Class!)

Learn more about the legal work here.

(Close, More Self-Driven Work)

The Professional Collective™

The Collective is a supportive, collaborative, and peer-mentorship environment! It’s where Current You takes care of Future You. Be a part of a group where everyone around you is going through something similar – you’re not alone. You’ll be in a space where you needn’t be afraid to say what you feel, and you aren’t afraid to take a baby step and do something about it. Learn more about The Professional Collective here.

P.S. I also have a group for business owners … let me know if that interests you and I can send a link to learn more!

NEW! Creating Your Client Contract Class – ETA TBA!

Contracts are my JAM. I love them so much. And if you deal in contracts – writing, signing, drafting, reviewing, and yes, even executing them – then this is for you. This space will be where I teach you about contracts – what constitutes one, what generally needs to happen to make it enforceable, how to articulate expectations in a way that weeds out the bad kids, what needs to go into them and why, and more. By the end, you’ll have your own new draft of a contract, because I’ll be walking you through how to write it! Perfect for people without contracts, and perfect for people who want to revamp the one they have! Get on the Waitlist here!

Self-Study / Learning
(DIY, Self-Directed Work)

Choose your own adventure, and decide what skills you feel you want to work on today. Have some fun, laugh, and learn in your jammies on your own time!

It’s time for a baby step! Let’s go! 👇🏽