The Professional Collective™

The Professional Collective is an intimate, virtual community with the perfect mix of learning, reflecting, writing, and group-think to help you build meaningful momentum in your life (while actually enjoying the process and the people you’re around!).


  • A curated, fully-vetted, 6-month group for badass professionals who want to dig deep
  • Small, kind, compassionate group with live virtual calls & touch-points (No recordings – it’s just us), an ongoing “Circle” Support Group, and a personalized Collective Notebook
  • Recaps of our work together, Weekly Planning, and a journey of self-exploration & clarity
  • The Winter/Spring group is January – June 2024 @ $222/month
  • Our first calls are the week of January 8, 2024

What is The Professional Collective

The Collective is meant to be a space and community to actively work towards Future You, with gentle accountability and support, and as an added bonus, networking without the fear of meeting new people. All y’all are vetted already!  

There are lots of places on the internet to learn and come together, but this isn’t just about learning; this is about IMPLEMENTING and APPLYING knowledge to create and execute your life’s dreams. You won’t go it alone – you are supported and loved. 

What happens in The Collective stays in The Collective. We all agree to keep what we see, hear, read, and experience confidential and private. We can certainly shout-out all of the badass professionals in The Collective, but we agree to keep details private.

Is The Professional Collective for me?

Great question! Only you know the answer to that. 🦄 

The Collective is built for professionals who are feeling like there’s something more out there for Future Them, but unsure how to get it and/or are hesitant to share their dreams or ask for help from the people who are already inside their inner circle. The Collective is built for getting an outsider’s view and perspective, without the pressure.

This space is definitely for you if you’re craving a community where you don’t have to figure shit out alone, and it is definitely for you if you’re a little woo and excited about being in a space that’s free from fakeness, bro-hustle, and boss-babe-BS. 

The Collective allows you to be yourself on good days AND bad days (and to have a group of people supporting you, no matter what).

If you’ve found yourself in the past consuming all.the.content and trying to do.all.the.things, only to get in a state of overwhelm and inaction (or even inconsistent action or direction), you know that what you really need is help committing to a point of focus and following through for as long as it takes so you can start (and continue) to experience the kind of success we both know you’re capable of.

How will The Collective help me?

  • The Collective forces you (willingly! 😂) to get crystal clear on who you are and to do so intentionally. This is about shifting away from being distracted by shiny objects or things that feel more important and urgent in the moment (and somehow, which never include what you need for yourself). It’s built to help you continue to move in the direction you need, for a long enough period of time to actually build momentum.

  • Through dedicated time together, The Collective provides you with the accountability and structure you need (and want!) to ensure you keep digging deeper and to keep making those aha realizations you need to stay on track to make your dreams a reality, even when life and work gets hectic.

  • By meeting on Zoom, you’ll be able to tap into the magic of the hivemind and group-think to come up with creative solutions to get you unstuck in your next steps, and you’ll be able to do it with people all over the world in your jammies.
  • You’ll continue to deepen the hard work that I’m sure you’ve already been doing on your self-awareness (maybe even in therapy, yeah?), and you’ll have the opportunity to get a better feel for your unique path in life.

  • The Bottom Line? The Collective helps you continue to turn your vision into realistic, overwhelm-free steps that you can chip away at easily and more quickly. And, you get to do it in a joy-filled environment. Who would want anything other than a warm, welcoming, open, and synergistic fold of love? 🥰

Tell me about the pieces of the puzzle, Sheila!

I love a good puzzle! 🐱‍🏍 The Collective is made up of three core pieces:

  1. Collective Calls
  2. Touch-Points/Check-Ins/Ask Sheila Anything
  3. Ongoing “Circle” Support Group

To support you between these core pieces, you’ll have three additional pieces:

  1. A “Collective Notebook” in Google Docs
  2. Access to my Signature Foundations Program, Building Blocks
  3. Weekly Planning & Reflection Opportunities

Let’s go deeper.

Collective Calls

  • One (1) call each month in the 2nd week of the month

  • Each Call is a two-hour group-think call, with a facilitated activity, mini-breakouts, and round-table problem-solving sessions

  • Depending on the size of the group, Members may be assigned dates to ensure everyone has equal/fair/equitably dedicated time to share, brainstorm, get feedback, etc. If it is not your day to get feedback, you will be assisting by asking questions, offering your experience, and providing real-world examples that you’ve encountered.

Touch-Points/Check-Ins/ Ask Sheila Anything

  • One (1) call on the Saturday following our calls each month (unless noted otherwise).

  • This check-in is approximately an hour and it’s just to touch base and see how you’re feeling.

  • Unlike the actual calls, this is not a “facilitated” space – bring follow-up questions, wins and aha moments, etc.

Ongoing “Circle” Support Group (For Collaboration + Community)

  • Circle is a cross between a Facebook Group, Teams, and Slack. You’ll be invited and log into the Circle website, or you can log in separately and keep it open on your computer or mobile browser. There’s also an app you can download to post, learn, reply to questions, and read on the go

  • First and foremost, the Circle Group will be your place; a space where you can post and support each other between our meetings, and a place where you can post ideas and get feedback.

  • The Circle Group has Basic Rules of the Community to keep discussions on-topic, relevant, and helpful to every one.

A “Collective Notebook” in Google Docs

  • I will provide a special, themed “Notebook” in Google Docs for you. This will serve as a running notebook for you for all of your notes, ideas, and most importantly, for goals and plans that come out of our Collective Calls.

  • I will set up the outline and structure for you, complete with checklists and links to everything I can think of. You’ll be able to edit, obvs.

  • In addition to checklists each month, you’ll also have a Prep checklist to help you get set up and ready for the month ahead.

  • I will also provide you with prompts for Circle and our meetings, so you can be prepared in advance, engage, and support others.

  • The Notebook will allow me to pop in to see where you are on things, and offer comments/support as necessary, too. It’ll be easier to share, comment, brainstorm, and work together if we need to!

  • The Notebook is purely optional; use it or don’t. It’s a place for you to see patterns and take notes.

Access to my Signature Program, “Building Blocks”

  • You will be enrolled (for free!) in Building Blocks, my Signature Program and the base of all the work I do one-on-one. The six Modules inside of Building Blocks will frame the discussions we have in our Collective Calls.

Weekly Planning & Reflection Opportunities

  • You will receive a link to a Weekly Planning & Reflection form that you can choose to fill out when it feels right and you want to stay on track.

  • Topics in the form include happiness scores, open journaling prompts, celebrating wins, spaces for intentional gratitude, setting health intentions for the week ahead, and more!

  • The Weekly Planning & Reflection is purely optional; use it or don’t. It’s a supportive place for you to see patterns and give yourself kudos.

Time to take a breath …

How much will this set me back?

Great question. Surprised you didn’t ask sooner. (Or, did you skip ahead? 😂) 

There is one price. For the January 2024 – June 2024 group, it’s $222/month * 

There are no discounts for paying in full and everyone pays the same – this ensures an equitable and egalitarian experience for everyone. 

* To give you an idea of what these kinds of groups cost, I currently pay $600 a month for a monthly group I’m in with other business owners. It was important to me to put this in a “hell yes” range so it feels good to you. I also want you to have some skin in the game, but the price is not so high that it feels like you have to choose between your mortgage and us.

Details about the Membership

  • A six-month dedicated membership, following the normal calendar year (Each new group Starts twice a year: in January and in July)

  • A membership is for the entire six months. You can continue in future six-month periods, but if you want to Pause your membership and not continue past a six-month period, you agree to give me a 30 calendar days’ heads up before the next Start (the 1st day of each Start is January 1st and July 1st, which means I need to know no later than November 30th for January, or May 31st for July)

  • You’ll register with a link that works like a recurring invoice via Square. NOTE: The Collective could be viewed as business / professional development. Check with your CPA as to how the expense can be logged for your taxes. And, if you work for someone else, check to see what professional development funds are available to you. It might not even need to come out of your pocket.
  • Payments are monthly; there are no pay-in-full discounts to keep this as equitable as possible. Not everyone can afford to pay ahead and I do not want to penalize people because their resources are different from someone else’s.

  • On the day you register, you’re choosing a recurring payment. You’ll need to make the payment by the last day of the month for the next month; if you do not pay timely, I reserve the right to Pause you and shift you out of the Circle group until you’re caught up (indefinitely). Payment terms will be on your invoices, and are also included in the Special Terms and Conditions on my site.

I was expecting at least $500 a month, Sheila! Why is it so cheap?

Another great question. One, you’re probably already investing in yourself, and perhaps for the first time outside of therapy, so charging you an insane amount to be together as a group seems unethical to me. I love you. I want to support you and I’m trying to find a nice middle ground for all of us.

Two, this is not coaching. It is also not a do-it-with-you / do-it-for-you space. This space is one of facilitation, guidance, advice, like a peer-mentorship. 

Three, if you want 1:1 coaching with me, there will be a special link to book VIP Days and  Strategy / Get Shit Done Sessions if you want more high-touch support. These will be reduced prices because you’ll be in The Collective. So, think of it like an investment on top of your investment. Like interest – but you get the benefit of that math. 

Four, I care about you. And I am going to be here for you no matter what. So, please, let’s build the space that WE love together, and continue to grow your life and career with the clarity, confidence, and courage you deserve.

Take the first step toward the clarity you never knew you needed.

The Frustration

The most common thing I hear from professionals is that they did everything they were supposed to do, but somehow, it’s never enough.

The “More”

They always think there’s got to be “more” … but the problem is they don’t know what “more” even is, let alone how to get it.

The Same

So instead of figuring it out, they keep white-knuckling their way through each day with a deep sense of unhappiness and a desperate need for deep rest.

Life is too short to live a life that’s not yours.

Come join us in The Professional Collective™

I’m including my Signature Program “Building Blocks,” so you can:

  • figure out and clearly define what it is you really want – what will provide you with the fulfillment, happiness and anything else you’re missing – which in turn helps you understand why you’ve felt so miserable
  • understand what’s keeping you stuck (and what got you stuck in the first place), so you can finally break the cycle and start making a plan to get what you want
  • walk through the process of creating a step-by-step action plan that won’t require you to burn your life or career to the ground, but will allow you to start making immediate improvements while planting seeds for your longer-term goals
  • learn how to reconnect your intellectual and emotional knowledge so you become a better decision maker – which is the key to avoiding getting stuck again – and ensuring that you create YOUR version of success

“Before joining I was apprehensive because I did not know what to expect or if it would be worth my time. As a mom, wife, and therapist I encourage people around me to achieve their dreams but I knew this was my time so I took a risk. The best risk because I have invested in myself. I have gained clarity and courage through this process. Who knew everything I needed was inside of me and I just needed Building Blocks to pull it out of me! Forever grateful!”

– Jamie

“Going through Building Blocks gave me the tools not only to make a plan but more importantly to find my why and to express my why in my own voice. The program helped me to build, literally, one block at a time from my earliest idea of what I want to do into an actionable plan in my own words. I am extremely happy with the outcome and forever grateful to Sheila for her guidance and belief in me along the way!”

– Kim

The Professional Collective™ can help you start to achieve the goals you want, while getting the support that may be missing in your life right now.