COVID’s Unexpected Gift

NOTE: This article (and the excerpt below) was written with Kim Milone, of Intentional Legal, and written for and published in the American Bar Association’s “ABA Law Practice Today” magazine. To read the full article, click here.

Legal professionals faced extraordinary uncertainties in the pandemic lockdowns of early 2020. With courts closed, trials paused, and clients at literal (two) arms’ length, we hunkered down. Whether it was at a kitchen table with a screaming toddler nearby, or alone in an apartment for months on end, the lockdown and the new “normal” that followed, presented lawyers (and law students) with an opportunity to reconsider their professional quality of life. COVID allowed us to slow down a bit, breathe, and imagine what our life could evolve into, post-pandemic.

To read the full article, click here.


About the Authors

Kim L. Milone (left) is the founder of Intentional Legal, an online resource for ideas, inspiration and training for non-traditional alternative legal careers, and is COO and vice president of managed services for Decernis, which provides global regulatory consulting for food, consumer, and industrial products companies.

Sheila M. Wilkinson (right) is the Founder of SMWPLC / Law & Social Work, and splits her time between New Orleans and Brussels. As an attorney, social worker, educator and empowerment coach, Sheila helps lawyers reach their goals in their personal and professional lives with humor, transparency, and empathy.

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