Finding Your Superpower™

It’s amazing what (and where!) a little concerted effort will get you! If you’ve been wondering what coaching with me would be like, but you’re:

  • worried about the cost
  • wanting to work more slowly on yourself
  • thinking that devoting 8 or 12 weeks to one-on-one coaching with me feels out of reach
  • just wanting a “sneak peek” behind the curtain to the foundations that I go through with clients …

Then, whatever is holding you back from coaching with me, or even reaching out to me at all, I’ve got a solution for you! 🎉

This past weekend, we officially launched the Finding your Superpower™ Self-Study and it’s awesome, y’all! 🥳

👀 In the Self-Study, you’ll get:

– 4 In-Depth Modules with videos and activities, taking you on a journey of YOU!
– One-of-a-kind activities that help you create goals and plans for deep insight!
– Resources and Bonuses, which were only available through 1:1 coaching before!
– A Recommended Reading List to help you navigate all the feels and thoughts as you progress!

After you complete the course, you’ll have three clear mini-goals, a concrete plan for each of those goals, and best of all, more CLARITY! CONFIDENCE! COURAGE!

You’ll also get the luxury of mini-videos of me, talking TO you, talking you THROUGH your concerns, laughing and sharing my personal stories so you know I understand, complete with supplemental information to help you apply the lessons you’re going to learn.

It’s time. YOUR TIME. Start this process today.

Contact me if you have questions or comments or concerns… otherwise, it’s time to make it happen! Start your new week (and June!) off with a bang! Ready to register? Visit: https://whatwouldsheilasay.com/p/self-study-superpower


About Sheila: An attorney, a social worker and an educator, she’s unlike any other person you’ve ever met. She thrives on a challenge, loves to solve puzzles and definitely loves helping make other people’s lives better – stronger – more efficient – happier. She tells terribly corny jokes, but maybe, just maybe, if you’re nice to her, and even laugh at her jokes, you’ll get something specially baked, just for you. Yep. For real.
I have two goals each day: (1) to make a stranger laugh and (2) to be a better person each day than I was the day before. I meet these goals. Every. Single. Day.

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