Transforming Your Life: The Art of Being Still

The art of being still has the potential to transform your life.

Today, we’re talking about embracing the power of stillness.

I sent out an email this past Monday, and I got so many responses from people about how it resonated and also not just how it resonated, but how they actually wanted to apply the information. It was because of this huge response that I wanted to share it with all of you. And, if it resonates with you, I encourage you to make sure we’re connected via email so that you can get next week’s baby steps – https://sheilawilkinson.com/connect

So, find your favorite chair and your comfiest blanket, press play above, and settle in for some really easy, baby steps towards learning how to be still.

It’s your chance to tune into what’s going on inside your brain and body with intention, and to experiment and pay attention to how you experience life through the lens of being still.

The art of being still has the potential to transform your life.

And as always, I leave you with a bit of homework to start taking action today. 

Extra Credit

As you go about your day, think about these five ways that you can begin to BE STILL – and while these just tell you WHAT to do, listen to the episode for more details about HOW to implement each one:

  1. Make Time. ​
  2. Disconnect to Reconnect. ​
  3. Embrace Solitude. ​
  4. Practice Mindfulness. ​
  5. Embody Self-Compassion.

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