Why your Values mean everything to your Career and Business

Have you ever thought about who you want to be and what impact you want to have on the world?

Like, what are the things that REALLY matter to you? In other words, what are your values?

Because a mission and vision statement are great, but without values, they mean absolutely nothing. Here’s a hint:

Your mission is about your decisions. Your vision is about your direction. Your values become your “why.”

If you’re shrugging your shoulders thinking, “I don’t know, Sheila,” don’t panic. You actually know the answer:

  • You just have to tap in.
  • You have to listen.
  • You have to give yourself time.

So before you start that new business or change the direction of your career, take some time for self-reflection. 

Determine your “why,” who you are, what you want and why you want it. Once you know that, your mission and vision will follow. 

As long as you’re unclear about what you want your impact to be on others and what you want them to take away from working with you, you will always find yourself with a less than desirable result. Period.

But once you get clarity and attach all of this to your values, you *can* have the people, projects, and pay that you want.

To learn how to figure out your values in a super easy way, scroll back up and hit PLAY!

Extra Credit

Ask yourself the following three questions to help you get started determining your own values:

  1. Think about the one thing that pisses you off and/or annoys the HELL out of you when you think about the world today. 
  2. Now flip it – think about the opposite of whatever that annoyance or nuisance is. And voila – that’s like a value. For example:
    1. Do you hate lying? Even little white lies? Then, integrity is probably your value. 
    2. Do you hate it when people who are not helpless feign their helplessness, or think that they’re weak when you know that they are powerful AF? Empowerment just might be your value.
    3. Do you hate it when people try to tell you what to do with your body? (Hello, welcome to ‘Murica.) Then, bodily autonomy is probably your value.
    4. Do you hate it when someone will not admit when they’re wrong or even could have been wrong? Accountability might be that value and humility, maybe, right? 
    5. Do you hate it when people skip the line at the grocery or just pretend that they don’t see you while you’re lined up first for the plane? Then, maybe equity or equality or fairness is your value.

Next Steps

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