Owning & Loving Your Creative Business: Being Willing to Leap! A Guest Chat with Dustin Woehrmann


It’s episode 50 and today, I’m excited to introduce you to someone who has had an amazingly cool journey in the creative space! And, because we’re wrapping up Pride Month, I thought I’d bring on someone who has done some seriously huge and amazing work in the LGBTQ community for over 20 years: Dustin Woehrmann.

Dustin is currently the creative director at Boombox. I will include his full bio below the show notes, but for now I just wanna share some highlights with you.

Originally, Dustin’s from Utah and he has a pretty unique background in design, in experimental animation, and in illustration – all of which shapes his unique style and his approach. He started out with owning his own business with a ton of obstacles and joys, and we’re gonna talk about what it meant to merge with another company in 2021, and to shift out of being a business owner and back in-house.

Dustin’s also going to speak to helping you keep your own creative juices flowing in different ways, and I know you’re going to laugh and have some lovely aha moments in this episode. Be sure to tag us in your shares on IG and LinkedIn!

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