Your Vision vs Your Mission Statement: Know the difference

Do you cringe in fear at the mere thought of selling your services or making that sales call?

If so, that’s most likely because you’re missing three things: clarity, a real mission, and a real vision.

Most people are just trying to sort through all of the messages they’ve heard and internalized all of their life, doing what they THINK they’re supposed to be doing. 

When you don’t know how to let go, or  know when enough is enough, you end up wasting time and energy, trying to prove yourself to get approval, acceptance, validation, love and respect.

Well, it’s time to tune out all of the outside noise. When it comes to your business, career and life, YOU are the one who has to decide. You. Do. You.

Because, guess who holds the special recipe – YOU DO.

That’s right – you are your own secret sauce.

And while your mission tells people who you are and what you want, your vision tells them WHY this matters to you. Of course, you probably already know this, but maybe you just never thought of it in this way.

Your vision statement – your “why” – is what gets people to trust you, because they connect with you, understand you, and want to be in your circle or support network.

In other words, your vision is what motivates you, and your mission is how you activate the vision.

And when you show up as yourself with your mission and vision – whether that’s personal, professional, business, or whatever – that’s what will make people want to be around you, work with you, and partner with you.

To learn how to find your secret sauce, scroll back up and hit PLAY!

Extra Credit

Ask yourself the following three questions to help you get started developing your own vision:

  1. “What is my mission?” You can always go back and change your mission anytime, for any reason. How you help or who you help can change and that’s OK.
  2. “Why do I do what I do? Why do I help who I help?” Don’t forget the four types of expectations – these will give you a clear indication of whether the thing you’re doing is because someone else told you you should or not.
  3. “How does my mission help make my vision a reality?” Can it? Does it? Do you need to change the way you do what you do or who you help?

Next Steps

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