Building Trust & Gaining Respect as the Youngest Person in the Room (with Claire Escobedo)


It’s Episode 52 and today, I have Claire Escobedo on the show.  Together, we discuss how to be your most authentic self at work, as the youngest person in the room, and to still:

  • Nurture Connections
  • Honor Humanity
  • Navigate and Build Relationships with Coworkers and Clients
  • Choose Work that Matters (to you!)
  • Keep Kindness and Humor in the Workplace
  • Build Trust and Relationships in your Communities 

All of these things help you stake your place in the world, and make it so that you can talk about the harder stuff like DEI and pay equity, especially when you really want to, and you need to voice what’s important to you. (We are having a Part 2 with Claire specifically about DEI and authenticity in the workplace, so keep your ears open for that episode when it drops!)

I love Claire dearly. She is one of the most beautiful, kind, gentle, and amazingly talented souls I have ever encountered in my entire life. And I know you’re going to love her as much as I love her!

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